What to expect from the launch of Google Pixelbook 2?

A few months ago, Google’s Pixelbook was a bit of a novelty, but the Pixelbook II is now the company’s new flagship smartphone.

This is also a device that’s going to cost a lot of money, with the PixelBook 2 set to launch with a starting price of around £699, which is a bit steep for a smartphone, but it should be a decent price for a Chromebook.

We’re going to get a first look at the Pixelbooks’ design on Thursday, and the first images of the device have been released, showing off the Pixel 2’s metallic front, rounded edges and a few other design details.

While it’s clear that the Pixel2 is going to be a premium Chromebook, there are a few design features that we’re not expecting.

For one, it looks like Google has given up on using the Google Assistant, instead opting for a simpler interface and a more modern design language.

This may seem a bit odd given that the company has made a number of major changes to its software and services over the past few years, and that’s no doubt a conscious decision to try and improve on its existing offerings.

On the plus side, the Pixel 1 had a similar design and hardware design to the Pixel device, and was still pretty attractive for its time, with a glossy finish and glass back.

The Pixel 2 looks a bit more premium, with more chrome on the front and an aluminium unibody.

While we haven’t seen a lot out of the Pixel family in recent months, we can say with some confidence that Google is working on a few new devices at this point, and this is one of them.

The design of the new Pixel 2 is similar to the previous Pixel devices, with its metallic top and rounded edges.

This will be the first Pixel device to come with Google’s new Glass augmented reality glasses, and we’re expecting Google to make use of some of the hardware from the Pixel devices.

It’s not entirely clear whether the new device will use the same camera hardware, but Google’s working on some form of augmented reality.

The Pixel 2 features a 6-inch display with an 1920 x 1080 resolution, and will be available in three different colours: gold, silver and white.

This device is the first of Google’s Chromebooks to come equipped with a fingerprint scanner, and while it doesn’t use the Google Pay payment system, Google will probably be charging a premium for it.

While the Pixel 3 is still a long way from shipping, we are starting to see a number different versions of Google devices, so the Pixel’s new design will probably have a lot more to do with its software than its hardware.

The new Pixel is expected to launch in October, while the Pixel Book 2 is expected in November, with an expected retail price of between £999 and £1,999.