Polygon: You’re going to need a pocket notebook to learn jupie in the next few weeks

The Polygon team is here to help you get started.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to get started, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how.1.

Go to the jupier.com site.

It should automatically open in your browser.2.

Click the search button at the top.3.

Select a notebook and click “Add a notebook”4.

Enter a name for the notebook.

Click “Save” to save the notebook and open it.5.

When you’re ready to learn, hit the button to open the notebook, and then hit the “Learn” button to continue.6.

Hit the “New” button on the top to add a notebook.

You’ll get a list of notebooks to choose from.7.

When the notebook is created, hit “Create” to add the notebook to your list.8.

After a few minutes, hit save and your notebook will appear on the list of notebook notebooks.

Click on it to open it in your notebook browser.9.

Now that you’ve got a notebook open, you can navigate to your notebook and make changes.

Just like you would on any other notebook, you’ll have access to all the notebooks you open.10.

For example, you could edit your notebook from the page, but you can also edit your notes.

If your notebook is set up to open notes and notebooks as separate tabs, you’re all set.

To make that happen, open up the notes tab, hit Ctrl+Shift+D, and hit “Open Notes” on the toolbar.