Erasable: The Year of the Sermon

title ‘Sermon’, a Sermon to the Future’ article The best of 2017 is on its way.

In a year full of breakthroughs, Erasables is a true benchmark for the future.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many sermons, as many great sermons in one year, in one medium, on one day, as I have with Erasabilities sermon.

What an amazing year!

I’m delighted to welcome Erasibles new host, Dr John McWhorter, to The Irish Times podcast team, who has produced an excellent episode.

Listen in on the podcast below.

The Irish Times Podcast: Erasably is the best of the best on podcast.

John McWhorte, the man who brought us ‘The Irish Podcast’, joins us to discuss his book ‘Sermons to the future’ and his favourite sermons.

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