UBC’s campus notebook is ‘a masterpiece’

The University of British Columbia’s campus notebooks have gone viral after the University of Calgary published a new edition in April 2017.

“It is an unparalleled achievement, to be able to publish an entire year’s worth of notebooks,” said Jim Womack, executive director of the National College for Continuing Education in Canada.

The notebooks contain information on more than 300 subjects and are written by students across all faculties, according to the university.

They are also available for free on the university’s website.

The notebooks are filled with questions about the subject.

One question asks students to imagine what they would say to someone who is interested in studying a particular subject.

Womack says the notebooks are a great way to keep students engaged and engaged in learning.

“They are a way to get students involved and get them to share ideas, so that’s a really good thing,” he said.

The university said it created the notebooks for a number of reasons, including students wanting to learn more about topics and learning opportunities, and a need to share knowledge and experience.

“The university of British Colombia is a great example of a country with strong indigenous knowledge, including indigenous languages, cultures and religions, which is a source of pride and pride,” the university said in a statement.

It also noted that the notebooks were inspired by the notebooks of students at the University at Buffalo.

“This notebook reflects our love of sharing our knowledge and knowledge sharing, both within the university, with our community and with the world at large,” the statement said.

Students can access the notebooks at UBC and on the University’s website as well as through a subscription service, and they are also being made available in the Calgary Public Library.