PM Narendra Modi: PM Modi will not be a PM of ‘zero hours’

Modi’s decision to scrap the two-day rule for most workers in the manufacturing sector has sparked anger and dismay among his own party.

In a move that is likely to make the Prime Minister and his Bharatiya Janata Party the only party to ever take the decision on the eve of the New Year, the Centre on Thursday said it would be the first in the world to ban zero-hours contracts and other work arrangements that allow workers to work for less than six months.

The move will have a big impact on the millions of workers who will be forced to find new work.

Modi, who has promised to implement the decision quickly, said the move will allow for more time for job creation, while also protecting the livelihoods of small businesses.

“We will have no other option but to ban these zero-hour contracts and work arrangements.

This will give a much needed boost to the economy,” he said, speaking in New Delhi.

In a speech at the Economic Survey Council in Mumbai, the PM said he would take up the issue of a two-year ban on zero-hills in Parliament next month.

He said he wanted to see an end to the work culture that he believes has caused a loss of jobs and created a caste system.

“We have lost millions of jobs in the manufacture sector.

We want a two year ban on the zero-hr schemes.

I want to see a two years ban,” he added.

Modi said the decision would give a boost to small businesses and make them more competitive.

He added that the decision was being taken to address “a fundamental challenge of our times”.

Modis decision has been criticised by the Congress party, which has accused him of being a political opportunist.