Which Eagles players should you be looking for this offseason?

Eagles players are in a great position to find new roles for themselves in free agency.

They’re in a good position to sign a long-term deal and have a shot at re-signing the franchise tag, a contract that would lock them into a deal for the foreseeable future.

But there’s a growing sense among Eagles fans that the team will look for another receiver to take over for Jordan Matthews, and they’ve already started the search.

Here are 10 potential options that could fill out the Eagles offense for years to come.

The latest news from the NFL: | Latest news on Eagles: | More NFL coverage The Eagles offense is loaded with talented receivers, and the draft will only further increase the options the team has.

Matthews and rookie DeSean Jackson will be a top-10 receiving tandem for years, and Matthews could be the Eagles’ most valuable piece.

If Matthews is on the market, he’d be the most valuable receiver in the NFL.

But Matthews is not a surefire No. 1 receiver.

He hasn’t been a top 20 receiver since 2013, when he led the NFL with a touchdown catch rate of 57.8 percent.

He’s also averaged a paltry 1.9 yards per catch.

It’s not hard to see why many fans think Matthews won’t be a No. 2 or 3 receiver, but the Eagles are loaded with options at wideout, with DeSean and DeAndre Hopkins already playing for the team.

There are several wideouts available, and it could be time for the Eagles to move on from Jackson.

It doesn’t make sense to keep a player for one year while they are still on the roster, but it would make sense for the club to make the most of him and sign him to a long term deal in the offseason.

The Eagles have a plethora of wideouts who have played at a high level in the past, and some of them are likely to be available next offseason.

Here’s a list of the top wideouts in the draft, ranked from most likely to least likely to play in the Eagles lineup.

McDermott, Matthew, Allen, Matthews and Hopkins are the three players who would be the highest-risk options at this point.

McDermott, Matthews, Allen and Hopkins all played at the top level of the game in their draft years.

It could be tough for the Philadelphia Eagles to retain them for next year, but if they were to do that, the team would have more picks at the position.

McDougherty, Allen Jones, Matthews Johnson, Hopkins and McLeod are all young players who will be in the middle of their prime.

McDermans breakout season in 2015 and his big-play ability are already on the horizon.

Johnson has shown a knack for getting open in his first season in the league.

Hopkins has been a key component in Philly’s defense for years.

The team has plenty of other options.

Hopkins, McLeod, AllenJones, Hopkins, McDougherty and McDougreitt are the names that have been talked about as top targets at the tight end position.

The Philadelphia Eagles have plenty of tight ends in the mix.

They also have an interesting position-swapping option at the running back position, with Michael Turner, Evan Engram and Evan Smith all set to hit free agency after this season.

Turner was a big part of the Eagles offensive success in 2015, but Engram’s arrival and Smith’s emergence in Philadelphia’s offense has led to a huge upgrade in the passing game.

Johnson, McDougal, Matthews Jones, Hopkins Johnson, McDermott and Allen are the two players who have the most upside.

Johnson and McDougall are both projected to be the top tight ends off the board in the first round.

Johnson was a top target for the Seahawks and is a huge part of their offense.

McDouglas play last season for the Jaguars and he should be in a position to have a big impact in Philly.

Allen Jones will be an intriguing option for the Bengals, who could be in need of an upgrade at the wideout position.

Matthews is the only wide receiver the Eagles have to worry about on offense.