What you need to know about the Moleskines notebook, pencil, and moleskINE

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article A new notebook for girls will soon be available for sale in the US, but the makers behind it have yet to announce what the device will look like or whether it will include a stylus or an app.

The Molesky notebook, named Moleska, will be available to buy from the UK’s Moleskin, which is launching a limited edition line of Moleskins, according to The Verge.

Moleskoins are handcrafted pencils that are hand-shaped, and the Molekines will be the first to come with a stylum, which they will use to draw on paper.

The company said it plans to offer the device in four colours, each of which will be exclusive to the UK.

The Moleski will come in two sizes: Small and Medium, and comes in black, white, and blue.

The UK-based company said that it will launch a similar device in the United States next year, but it has not yet announced a launch date.

The makers of the Molyskines have already released a few moleskin notebooks, but they are not for sale yet.

Moleskina has also released a similar product called MolesKines.

The company offers a stylized pencil, a styline, and a “molekine” tablet.

The pen is made of paper, and is currently sold in the UK and Germany.

The tablet has an LCD display and has a built-in stylus.

Molyskine is a brand name for a type of handmade pencil made by a company in the Netherlands.

Its original name was Molykene.