The clues notebook: Blue’s clues

The Blue’s Clues notebook is a notebook that is meant to be read by the Blue’s detectives.

They often wear blue suits and have large, blue-and-white balloons around their necks.

The notebook was created by a team of scientists and engineers.

They have no official title, but it’s been called the Blue and White Book.

It’s an important part of Blue’s investigation.

It has been used in some of the trials, as they call them, to keep the court members calm.

This one was written by Blue’s detective, who is the only person to have the blue balloon around his neck.

Blue has been asking questions about the balloon since the summer of 2016, when the balloons began flying.

When Blue asked the balloon questions in court, his questions were answered by the balloon, which was often a source of distraction.

The balloon was not always visible during a trial.

For example, in the fall of 2018, Blue’s team was called to court to explain a theory that an employee of the hotel had killed a man.

The balloons flew for about 30 minutes before the court decided to dismiss the case.

The jury decided to acquit the man, who was not named.

Blue’s theories are also a source for some of Blue, and he has tried to answer them.

In the past, he has asked the balloons to explain how he and Blue have solved mysteries.

The Blue team has not been known to answer Blue’s questions in front of a jury.

In some cases, the balloons flew out of Blue and Blue’s eyes, causing him to have difficulty with reading the questions.

The team has made a point of staying out of the courtroom and away from cameras and microphones.

Blue is not a fan of cameras.

He wants them to be out of his sight, so he has not shown any concern for them during his public appearances.

Blue often has his balloon in his hands and when he does, he always keeps it on his hip.

He has not had any balloons flown out of him during his testimony.

Blue also does not want to talk about the balloons.

When asked about them, he would often say he would prefer not to talk to people about them.

Blue says he has always thought the balloons were a way for the court to distract the jurors.

In his first trial, Blue was asked to explain the balloons in the summer when he was the only witness.

Blue said he never thought about it.

When he was called in for a second trial, the jury heard the same balloons from a different perspective.

Blue was not in the courtroom during that first trial and was not the only one to be called to testify.

After he was dismissed for that first prosecution, he was asked again to explain his balloon theories and he said he thought they were good, he thought the blue balloons were important and he thought that was what was important about the Blue balloon theory.

He said he did not think that it was important to know the answers to the questions that he was trying to answer, but he thought it was good to know that there was some information there.

Blue still has not answered questions about balloons.

He still does not understand why the Blue balloons fly out of blue eyes, for example.

Blue did not show up for jury selection for the second trial.

When the jurors asked about balloons, Blue said that the balloons did not come out of someone’s eyes.

When you are not sitting in the witness box and you are on the witness stand, it is hard to know what is going on.

I have never been told what the balloons are, and I do not know if they have a name.

I think it is really important for people to understand that we are all different and different people.