Italian police search for man seen in blue suit in Venice

Police in the northern Italian city of Venice are searching for a man seen on video wearing a blue suit with a cape, wearing sunglasses and carrying a backpack.

The video, uploaded to Instagram on Saturday and viewed more than 6,000 times, shows the man with the backpack in front of a building in Venice.

The man is believed to be wearing a black shirt and white pants.

In the video, the man’s hair is dyed brown.

He’s also seen wearing a dark red shirt and dark blue pants.

Police in the Venice district of Padua are also searching for the man in the video.

Venice police did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

The Venice police department said in a statement on Sunday that it has a file on the man, but would not release that information.

Venice police chief Andrea Moro said in the statement that the department is aware of the video and is conducting a thorough investigation.