The latest notebook sizes and graphs

New Zealanders have been spending more time in their laptops than ever before, with the latest figures showing that they spend more time with their smartphones and tablets than ever.

The latest figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) show that the average person spends around 1.6 hours on their mobile devices and 0.9 hours on a tablet.

That’s a big jump from just over a year ago when the average New Zealander spent around 1 hour and 20 minutes on their phone each day.

NBS data shows that the smartphone is the main driver of time spent with their devices, while the tablet is by far the second most common device used.

And while the average time spent on mobile devices is up significantly from just four hours in 2011, the amount of time is still far below the average for the developed world.

According to the NBS, more than half of New Zealand households use smartphones, with some three-quarters of people spending time on them every day.

The latest data also shows that people spend more on their gadgets than ever, with about half of households using smartphones, and about half spending time with them every weekday.

For the first time in NBS data, the proportion of households spending time in the home has also risen to about half.

But while people are spending more, the number of hours spent on their devices is still below the developed worlds average.

While there has been an increase in the amount spent on devices, the data shows there is still a significant gap between people in developed and developing countries, and the Nbs says that this could be partly due to the fact that there are more people living in rural and remote areas.