Wedding planner notebook, by Kate Hudson, includes advice on wedding planning and how to get married

Kate Hudson has penned a wedding planner for her readers and it’s a must-read.

In this book, Kate shares her wisdom on wedding preparation and how it can benefit your wedding day.

She writes: If you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to be able to say “no” to your partner if it’s not what you want.

If you have children, it will help to make a list of your priorities for the wedding. 

I also recommend a wedding gift basket, so you don’t end up spending a fortune on gifts.

If there are a lot of things you don’ want to do in your wedding, then there are some ways you can give your guests something that will make it easier to decide.

For example, you could have a guest list that includes a few of your favourite people.

“I hope it helps you understand what is important to you,” Kate says of her book.

“This book is written to help you make decisions on what you can do for your wedding.”

Kate Hudson and her wife, Sarah, in the US.

Photo: Alamy Kate Hudson’s book, Wedding Planning by Kate, has a unique focus on the importance of planning ahead. 

“You’re going to be planning your wedding for five, six months,” she writes.

“You’re planning to make the most of your time and space and this is a good time to do it.”

You don’t have to be married yet, you don�t have to want to marry, but you can start planning now.

“So the advice I have is: make sure you’ve got all the plans out and you know what you’re going for and you’ve been doing this for five or six months.”

Also, if you don��t want to make wedding plans, then you should really try to do something else. 

Kate Hudson is a Canadian singer, actress and television presenter.

She has also written books on parenting, health and wellness. Read more: