What’s your notebook? Actress Lea Michele’s notebook is a must-have for those in the industry!

Business Insider Lea Michelle has been a huge star in Hollywood, but for those of you who have worked in the business, you may be familiar with Lea’s notebook.

Lea is known for her books, most recently The Woman, which is a novel about the rise and fall of an American women’s rights movement and the rise of feminism in the United States.

Leas book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for being a groundbreaking work that celebrates women, including a transgender woman.

This isn’t Leas first notebook, as she has published several more over the years, but this is the first of them to feature her writing in an official capacity.

Lebron James is a huge fan of Lea and is currently in Paris to meet Lea for the first time.

When asked about her upcoming visit to Paris, Lea said that Lebons visit would be a great opportunity to learn about the city.

She also added that she is excited about learning more about the Paris Fashion Week, which starts on Monday.

“I think that Paris is going to be an amazing place for us to get to meet and talk about the industry.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the designers, I’m sure it’s going to really be a wonderful time,” she said.

Leavitt is an amazing writer, actor, and singer.

Her latest album is called Leavist’s Music and she also starred in the movie, “The Girl Next Door,” which is now on the soundtrack.

Leo is a writer and actor, as well as a music producer.

He has a book out that has sold over 1.4 million copies and is one of the top-selling music books of all time.

He also has a movie that is getting released on Netflix this spring.

In 2017, he won an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.

He was also nominated for an Emmy in Drama for his performance in the upcoming film, “Nostalgia.”

He also wrote and directed “A Song About You” and also starred with a co-star in the film, and also wrote a song called “The Day I Tried.”

His new album is titled “Singing” and is set to be released on March 18.