How to use your planner notebook to improve your productivity

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“It’s been a long time coming,” says Mark Besser, the owner of Bessers Custom Business Planner, which launched in 2014.

He’s been running the company since 2007, and the idea of a notebook for office productivity came to him while he was working at his dad’s shop.

He wanted to help his team better understand the world around them, so he set out to find the perfect notebook.

Besser decided to create a notebook specifically for his team and use a unique design to ensure his customers could easily access the content without leaving their desks.

It was meant to be a personal project for Besserkers, but with the help of some help from the office’s chief information officer, the company was able to move forward with the project and launch a beta version.

“The initial concept was just to build a notebook and sell it,” says Besserr, who is currently the executive director of the firm’s new office productivity service.

“We didn’t have a lot of money.

It had to be something that was useful, something that would work for the business.”

The company eventually raised $15,000 from a number of investors including Google Ventures, Google, and CapitalGains.

Its first product was a sleek, elegant notebook that featured a large white space where users could write down notes and share them with other colleagues.

Bessergs team quickly realized that the design of the notebook would also work well for other offices, so it was decided to take the concept and apply it to the business of his new business.BESSER’S TEAMSTOPPING the clock to find a new partner, Besserd and his team put together an initial pitch to the CEO of the new business and he agreed.

BESSER SAYS: “He was extremely excited about the idea and immediately responded with interest.

He wanted to know how it would work and how to get it to work.”

The team had to find another partner in order to start building a business.

“One thing that was immediately apparent is that there were a lot more questions than answers,” says Andrew Kohn, BESSERS COO.

“He needed to find out what exactly we were doing and to understand the business behind it.

We had to explain it to him.”

When Besserners team decided to pursue the idea further, it was immediately clear that the business would be much more than just a notebook.

It would also serve as a tool to help manage information that needed to be kept in a consistent, organized format.

BOSSER SAYING: “The goal of the business was to help people manage information on a more consistent basis and to be able to share it more effectively, to create an environment where people are able to work efficiently and efficiently.”BESSERS BUSINESS was able get the business off the ground in a matter of months and it has since expanded to include an office space, a fitness center, and a restaurant and coffee shop.

BECKER SAYES: “We were able to build out a business, hire people, and get a lot done in a short amount of time.

This was a huge success and it was a great way to start our company.”

While the business is currently in the early stages, BECKERS is already planning for the future.

BEEVERS SAYS:”We’re currently working on launching a new product, a productivity software, and an online community platform for employees.

The product will be in beta and available to employees this fall.”BECKERS BUSITECH, which now offers a wide variety of productivity products and software, has now launched a new app called Workflow.

The app includes a number more productivity tools, including a “smart notebook,” which enables you to write down anything you need to.

The app is currently available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Store.

It will also be available in the coming weeks on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10.

In the coming months, BEEvers hopes to add more tools and more features to the app.

As the business grows, BECERS BUSITS goal is to make the app as accessible as possible for everyone, so you can work efficiently.

“I’m always looking to add new features, to make this app as useful and accessible as it can be,” says Kohn.

“And we’re always working on bringing new features and tools to